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At the Clinique podiatrique Duvernay, located in Laval East, you’ll find the right fit for your unique needs. Podiatrist Dr. Tran has more than 5 years of professional experience and has treated over 4,000 patients at his two Laval clinics ( Fascinated by the care and treatment of the foot, he is an expert in the biomechanics of the lower extremity of the leg and is constantly perfecting his skills to offer patients of all ages cutting-edge personalized treatments. Whether it involves a musculoskeletal-related problem or foot and nail care, our team will find the treatment that is right for you.



Our podiatry services

Our mission is to offer you the best care possible. Our team is committed to staying on top of the latest developments and innovations in podiatry in order to offer you a wide range of treatments, from the most advanced care in podiatric medicine to basic podiatry techniques.

To find out more about our services, please consult our treatments section or contact our clinic. Do your feet cause you pain or discomfort? Set up an appointment with your podiatrist in Laval East (clickable link to phone number) or stop by for a consultation.

The biomechanical exam

During the biomechanical exam, podiatrist Dr. Tran will examine your posture and gait, as well as your foot’s bones and joints. Based on this in-depth assessment, we will be able to pinpoint the source of your problem and prescribe the most effective treatment plan to relieve your pain. This type of exam can also identify potential structural problems such as flat feet, hammer toes or bunions. In addition to the examination, whose efficacy depends strongly on the skill of the technician, the podiatrist uses a powerful and advanced tool called the Zebris system, which provides a more accurate analysis of the gait and posture to spot pathologies such as metatarsalgia and other loading problems.

Foot orthotics and athletic taping

If the biomechanical exam identifies an issue such as flat feet, fallen arches or hammer toes, podiatrist Dr. Tran will be able to treat your condition with a personalized and effective treatment plan. Foot orthotics (customized orthopedic insoles) and athletic taping are two examples of possible solutions that can improve gait instability, pain (plantar fasciitis) or sports injuries. Different orthotics are available depending on the patient’s condition. The Clinique podiatrique Duvernay works closely with an independent orthotics laboratory, allowing our team to offer you customized treatments to meet your unique needs.

Imaging tests and medication

Further analysis is occasionally required in order to detect certain problems such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or Morton’s neuroma. Thanks to a thorough foot examination, podiatrist Dr. Tran will determine if medication or a specialized product is the best course of treatment for your particular condition. He may also use imaging testing such as x-rays or ultrasound to complete his examination. Once we have obtained the results, we will be able to analyze them and provide you with the most appropriate treatment. Depending on your needs, corrective measures could include the prescription of customized foot orthotics, which will save you from having to make another appointment or from obtaining a referral to another professional.

Nail and skin care

The podiatry clinic’s team also offers quality services to treat calluses, cracks, corns and nail problems. It is recommended to regularly have your nails and skin treated in order to maintain healthy feet and to prevent the occurrence of a serious condition. This is especially true for an aging population and diabetic patients. We constantly strive to ensure the well-being of our patients and to earn their trust. Rest assured that our team of qualified and attentive professionals will provide the right treatment for your condition.

naild and skin care

A foot clinic
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Many more conservative, PRECISE treatments are available exclusively at the clinic. These services allow us to adapt to your needs and preferences, to avoid surgery when possible and to care for and prevent various foot conditions such as hammer toes, corns and ingrown toenails. Depending on your particular problem, podiatrist Dr. Tran will recommend the appropriate treatment, which may involve onychoplasty (nail reconstruction), toe orthotics (orthoplastics) to protect pressure points on the toes or orthonyxia, a preventative treatment that changes the curvature of an ingrown toenail.

Podiatrist Dr. Tran is one of the few local specialists to offer this innovative treatment for plantar warts. The clinic offers several techniques, but the injections delivered via Mesojet technology is the most sophisticated and accurate that minimizes pain and effectively treats the most complex plantar warts. The process requires no needles, since the medication is delivered through bursts of air in just a fraction of a second.

Do you suffer from a chronic ingrown nail or stubborn toenail fungus? Or maybe your plantar fasciitis has become too advanced? Podiatrist Dr. Tran successfully completed an internship at the Metropolitan Hospital Centre in New York, where he participated in numerous invasive and reconstructive surgeries. This experience has given him the expertise to evaluate and treat the most advanced conditions. In some cases, more PRECISE and long-term treatments such as surgery and infiltration techniques are required. Podiatrist Dr. Tran will perform these procedures with the utmost care and attention while minimizing any discomfort as much as possible.

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We are very active locally and around the world. As part of Podiatrists Without Borers, podiatrist Dr. Tran took part in a humanitarian trip to Vietnam to share his knowledge and provide training to staff at different hospitals. Thanks to the great generosity of our clients, the Clinic has also donated shoes to Accueil Bonneau to help our society’s most vulnerable. The Clinique podiatrique Duvernay works closely with the Clinique podiatrique St-Charles and the Clinique podiatrique de Laval. This association allows us to refer clients between our clinics when a complementary treatment such as a diagnostic ultrasound or Pinpoint laser to treat toenail fungus is required.

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